Tuesday, January 27, 2009

90% Raw Food Diet

About two years ago I was diagnosed with a heart condition; the term for the condition is Aortic Insufficiency (or Aortic Regurgitation) which effectively means that blood leaks back through the valve causing the heart to work harder than normal. The severity of this condition is quantified as "mild", "moderate", or "severe"; mine is currently moderate. My cardiologist put me on an ACE inhibitor and suggested that we monitor the condition bi-annually.

Some intermittent pain in my chest and stomach areas is what lead me to seek medical attention in the first place (again, this was two years ago). Over the past year I've continued to experience sporadic symptoms that included strange feeling head aches, tightness in my neck, light headedness, and continued pains in my chest and stomach areas. It isn't enough to stop me from working and living a fairly normal life, but it does slow me down some. In addition, since the cardiologist said that the heart valve problem would not cause these symptoms, I decided to search for a cause through a string of various doctor visits accompanied by a battery of tests. All the tests indicated that everything was fine, so despite not providing an answer, it did produce some value: it relieved my mind that at least I didn't have some other serious health issue.

I still had these persistent chronic symptoms though and was getting frustrated that I was functioning below what felt normal for me. So I decided to see a naturopathic health advisor. He said that the pH of my body fluid was too acidic and that my body was experiencing some inflammation. His recommendation was that go on a 90% raw diet that was very rich in nutrients and enzymes. I decided that since conventional medicine had not provided any answers that I would try this; if nothing else, just eating more healthy would be good for me even if it doesn't bring me back to what I think of as normal for me. This visit was in early December though, just before the holidays; I knew I'd be eating lots of meat & sweets over the holidays so I decided I'd start the diet on January 1!

So beginning on 1/1/09 I began a diet consisting mostly of raw vegetables, raw vegetable/fruit juice, raw nuts (almonds and brazil nuts) and sprouts. Whenever I eat cooked food it is a whole grain product (wheatberries, brown rice, quinoa etc.) or one of three types of fish (salmon, halibut, or cod). In addition I've been taking some supplements including hemp seed, krill oil, flax seed oil, and barley/wheat grass (i.e. green drink).

I plan to post updates about this diet over the next few weeks; I've already seen some tangible results as well as come up with some interesting recipes to support these changes. The goal will be to come up with several ways to make living healthier more simple!

All the BEST!

p.s.  Here is an interesting link on eating raw food: 10 Reasons Eating Raw is Healthier...

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